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VēLOX Express blazed the trail in the "Medical Courier" industry. We are, and always have been, true medical couriers. As many of our current clients know, our name was changed in 2008, from Medical Express Delivery, Inc to VēLOX Express. During the early years medical deliveries accounted for 100% of our business. Today they account for over 80% of our business. We haven't gotten rid of our medical specialty we've simply opened the doors for other customers to enjoy the same > greater than service our medical cutomers have enjoyed for years. 

VēLOX Express as well as many of the other medical couriers do medical specimen pick ups, retail, home infusion and LTC pharmacy work. What has always and still does seperate us from the competition is our knowledge of home medical equipment. I challenge any other courier company to match our records for pick up, delivery, or set up of semi-electric beds, pulse-ox machines, nebulizers, wheelchairs, 3 in 1 commodes, walkers, canes, oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen equipment, CPAP/BiPAP units, CPM's, lift chairs, scooters/power chairs, trapeze sets, you name it we've done it!  

VēLOX Express has always been very concerned with patient confidentiality and the security of Protected Health Information (PHI). We are proud to announce that VēLOX Express was the first courier in the states where we operate to achieve 100% HIPAA Compliance. To review our Compliance Statement click here.  

VēLOX Express driver training and testing procedures include but are not limited to the following:  

> TB Awareness & Skin Test
> HIPAA & Patient Confidentiality
> Bloodborne Pathogens
> Infectious Disease Control
> Universal Precautions/General Safety Awareness
> Chain of Custody
> Client Specific Paperwork
> Drug Screening
> TB Awareness

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